View the nineteenth-century lexicon of fashion

An extract of fashion terms used in the nineteenth century from various fashion magazines and from the “Corriere delle Dame” (Milan, 1804-1875)

La Moda ottocentesca

Figurini tratti dalla rivista “La Moda” del 1838

Figurini tratti dalla rivista “Il Mondo Illustrato” del 1848

The models of women’s and men’s day and ceremony dresses, presented below, come from the magazines listed below; I apologize if some cards are a little moved as they were photographed without a support …. Thanks for your understanding!

The documentary sources are kept at the Manfrediana Library in Faenza

Corriere delle Dame 1845-1846

Le Follet (some cards are without dating, but presumably they can be traced back to the period 1840-1865)


Journal de Demoiselles 1845      Journal des Demoiselles 1846

Journal des Demoiselles 1847    Journal des Demoiselles 1848

Journal de Mode d’Hommes 1865