The seminar is aimed both at people who want to approach baroque dance and at people who already have some notions and knowledge.
The project will be structured as follows:
The teacher Ofelia Mastella will accompany us in 6 monthly meetings with the study of the basic steps: demi coupé, coupé, pas de bourrée, minuet and study of the repertoire dances from Recueils of Feuillet or Pecour, Gaudrau. Study of Feuillet notation, i.e. the graphic transposition of dance movements. Feuillet was the author of choreographies for Opéra ballets, some of which are published in his Recueil de Danses (Collection of Dances) published in 1704.
A theoretical and practical meeting, held by Gloria Giordano, on the theme “Italian dances in the French style of the early 18th century, Gaetano Grosseteste and his ballets”. Grosseteste’s artistic career is reconstructed, in part, through the authoritative testimonies of his contemporaries, but above all it is widely documented in more than one hundred booklets, including dramas for music and pastoral fables. However, the main source for drawing on Grosseteste’s choreographic conception is represented by the Venetian manuscript (Library of the Correr Civic Museum, Morosini Grimani Archive, ms. 157) of the aforementioned ballets created for the Duodo – Grimani wedding, on a date to be defined Final show with live music (yet to be defined)
The meetings will be held on the following dates: October 22, November 12, December 10, February 18, March 17 and April 21 at the gym of the IPS “E. Stoppa” school, via F.lli Cortesi, 2, Lugo


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